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4 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Watch May Need Maintenance Or Serviced

A mechanical watch is a precision instrument. There’re hundreds of parts in a small wrist watch that will continue to wear and tear due to mutual friction. Therefore, a watch, like a human being, requires regular maintenance to help prevent damage, improve performance, prolong its lifespan, and give it a new lease on life. If you own a watch, you may know that maintenance and repairs can be extremely complicated.

So, how frequently should it be maintained or serviced? This question appears straightforward, but it is extremely difficult to explain clearly. In fact, there is no set standard for this. A watch is similar to a car. When it comes to the recommended maintenance time, there will be no problem if you do not maintain it and use it for a few more months. In general, once every 3-5 years is sufficient maintenance. In reality, many watches can continue to function normally without maintenance for more than ten years. However, please keep in mind that if your watch requires maintenance, there will always be some symptoms. This is the watch telling you that if you don't fix it for me, I'll be broken.

In this article, we'll go over the signs that your watch needs to be serviced and what can go wrong if you don't get it fixed on a regular basis.


The waterproof rubber ring is aging

Most watches are waterproof, but the coefficients vary; some are 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, and so on, but the meaning of waterproof depth must be understood correctly. For example, the water resistance coefficients of 30 and 50 meters are only waterproof for daily life, which means that it is no problem to splash water when you wash your face while wearing a watch.

The rubber ring is primarily responsible for the watch's waterproofing. The rubber ring will age over time, and gaps will appear as it loses its elasticity, resulting in water seepage and air intake. Moisture inside a watch can cause irreparable damage and shorten the watch's life in a variety of ways. Water can corrode internal components such as the mainspring and jewelry if it gets inside the case. This will cause the corrosion-damaged parts to malfunction and eventually fail. As a result, the sealing rubber ring should be replaced on a regular basis to ensure the watch's normal waterproof performance. Regular replacement serves as a preventative measure. It is not as simple as changing the waterproof ring if you wait until the watch's rubber ring has aged.


Time accuracy is reduced

If you notice your watch moving quickly, consistently displaying the wrong time, or not displaying any time at all, this could indicate a serious problem with its movement, indicating that your watch requires service. While many people are unaware of this issue, it can have a negative impact on the accuracy of a well-made timepiece. A fast watch can have an impact on your daily life in addition to affecting the accuracy of the watch. If you wear a watch that displays the wrong time when meeting someone for business or social reasons, it can completely derail your plans.

Oil had dried up

A mechanical watch is a type of small mechanical instrument. A traditional mechanical watch is made up of four parts: the prime mover, also known as the clockwork part; the transmission system, which uses gears to measure time according to a specific transmission ratio; and the escapement speed control system, which is the watch's heart. The balance wheel, hairspring, pallet fork, and escape wheel are all extremely important. The key is to determine the watch's time accuracy; the fourth component is the pointer indication system, which must be manually wound or adjusted.

The overall operation of the watch necessitates the cooperation of all systems; how can this be accomplished? Lubricating oil is required, but the amount will deplete, dry out, and deteriorate over time. The watch must be re-oiled at this time. If the watch is not maintained and oiled on time, the power system will be in dry wear once the oil dries. Rattling is one of the most common symptoms. This is caused by small parts inside the watch losing their balance and falling off, causing friction between the moving parts. After a few years, its life will be drastically reduced. If you hear this noise, get your watch serviced as soon as possible, but don't worry, it's simple to repair with some simple maintenance.


The appearance has changed

Some watches, in particular, are made of K gold, high-quality animal leather, and other materials. Gold is the primary raw material used in the production of K gold. Human sweat is acidic, and with the corrosion of the air, it will become less beautiful over time. Cleaning and polishing are required on a regular basis at this time. If it's K platinum, the outer silvery-white layer wears away over time, exposing the inner gold, which makes it less white. Nobody would want to go out with such a hideous watch.

Some people may believe that it is acceptable to clean the appearance of the watch at home, which is correct, but it is best to perform a special appearance maintenance within a specific time frame. In comparison to the ultrasonic cleaning at the repair shop, all you can do is wash away some of the visible surface. The dust and foreign matter in the invisible gaps are not washed away, and these invisible things will affect the watch after a long time.



To summarize, a watch is a complex and delicate piece of machinery that requires ongoing maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Don't let your watch suffer serious damage if you don't service it on a regular basis. Remember the signs and symptoms of when your watch needs service so you can be prepared for any problems that may arise in the future.

It is also advised that everyone visit a professional repair shop and seek out a professional master. Now, watches are becoming more refined, and their functions are becoming more complicated. Mechanical watches maintenance necessitates the use of professional tools and meticulous masters to keep them in good condition.


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