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How To Choose The Right Watch Sizes For Your Wrist?

Do you know? Watch sizes range from a sleek and small 32mm to an exciting 52mm and, of course, larger! Which one should you choose between the big dial and the small dial? When it comes to watch sizes, there is only "fit or not," no right or wrong. Find the perfect fit for your gleaming wrist. The proper size will make your watch more comfortable to wear and will better protect it. The size of the watch, like the design style and color, is an important factor in expressing the personality of the piece. Choose the right watch size for you by taking into account fashion, body shape, occasion, and other factors.

Confirm the best size that fits when trying on a new watch

The "case diameter" indicated on the product instructions refers to the watch's size. The size of the watch varies depending on the model and usage, but there are three types in general: large size, general size, and small size.

In general, large-sized watches are appropriate for leisure and sports occasions, while small watches are appropriate for fashion and social occasions; however, one should also consider one's body shape and style preferences. When purchasing a watch, you should try it on and observe the various visual changes caused by the size. The most important thing is to find one that works for you.

Step 1: Measure your wrist size

To measure your wrist, you should place a tape measure just behind the protruding wrist bone (which should be tightly wrapped), as shown.


If you don't have a tape measure, you can wrap a soft rope or a piece of soft paper around the corresponding wrist position, take a pen and mark the point where the ends meet. Then unwrap the paper and lay it flat next to a ruler, noting the measurement.

Remember that you must wear the watch on your wrist. The thickness of everyone's left and right wrists varies. If your wrist is 14–16 cm, it is very thin. 16–17 cm is a slender wrist. 17–18 cm is a medium wrist, and anything above 18 cm is a thick wrist.

Step 2: Convert the formula to determine the size of the watch that will fit your wrists

Convert the dimensions measured in step 1 to millimeters. For example, 16 cm is converted to 160 mm. Divide this number by the diameter number of the watch you want to buy. If you want to buy a dress watch with a diameter of 38 mm and your wrist circumference is 160 mm, the result will be 160/38=4.2, this number is called a watch shell index.

We can determine whether the watch size is appropriate for your wrist based on this result. Anything less than 4 is too large for the watch, and anything greater than 5 is too small. For instance, your wrist measurement is 160 mm. Then a watch with a diameter of 32 mm to 40 mm is appropriate for you to wear.



  • If you have a slim but wide wrist, go for a case index that is slightly less than 4;
  • There is no problem with choosing a case index less than 4 for sports and divewatches;
  • If you have a thin wrist, avoid wearing a watch that is too thick;
  • If the lugs are too long, you should avoid buying a large watch;
  • A square case will always appear larger than a round case, so a square watch should have a slightly larger case index.

Personal style and taste

Which watch size to choose is a matter of personal style and taste. A larger size will usually look better if you want to appear more youthful or sporty. Also, if you're well-dressed or conservative, a midsize watch should be a priority.

Dress Watch: Choose the one that fits you, just like you would when buying a suit


Dress watches are typically paired with suits, and the principle of wearing them is the same as that of suits - fit is everything. If you must say something different, keep in mind the rule that small one is always better than a large one for dress watches. In terms of numbers, it is entirely dependent on individual requirements. In general, the diameter of the watch should be kept between 33 and 40 mm. Of course, the scale is not fixed; it is determined by whether your watch appears larger or smaller.

Fashion Watch: Large watches are more fashionable, but be careful


Generally speaking, fashion watches can best show your matching style and personal taste, and the effect of large watches is definitely better than that of small watches. It is more clear at a glance, more generous and calm, and easier to attract attention. If you want to look cool, then it’s right to choose a large watch, but what needs to be reminded is that if you use fashion watches to reflect your taste, then you have to be cautious. Trying to be cool is sometimes risky, so you need to be cautious when choosing a watch, because it is difficult to have a specific standard on what size is the most suitable, it needs to be related to your own factors, too much is dangerous.

Sports Watch: You won't regret buying a big one


Sports watches are typically large because they include functions such as timing and stopwatches. In fact, such large watches perform better as well. Sports watches are intended to reflect a dynamic atmosphere, and a large dial could do that. You may not regret purchasing a large sports watch, but you must keep in mind that it must be large but not stupid. For example, the thickness should not be excessive, as this will make the entire watch appear clumsy. If the case is larger, the strap should be sized accordingly; otherwise, the proportion will appear out of balance.

Suggestions from professionals

How big the watch should be is a matter of personal preference, but remember not to exceed your wrist. Ideally, the case of the watch should be about the size of your wrist, and it should not protrude beyond the edge of your wrist.

If you're looking to buy a medium-sized watch, there's an unwritten rule that the watch case takes up at least three-quarters of your wrist. Otherwise, it will feel feminine.

In addition, the visual impact of the watch should be considered. A thicker watch will appear larger, while a thinner watch will appear smaller. Most men think a watch with a diameter of 40 to 44 mm looks good because it is a medium to large size for them. A 36mm watch is another option if you have a smaller wrist.


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