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Why Every Man Should Still Wear A Wrist Watch?

When the Apple Watch first came out in 2015, there was a debate in the watch industry about "whether mobile phones will replace watches?" At that time, Masayuki Hirota, editor-in-chief of the Japanese professional watch magazine "Chronos Japan," once said that people now use mobile phones instead of watches to check the time, and if you think about it purely from the "action of watching time," taking out a mobile phone from your pocket is actually like going back to taking out a pocket watch from your pocket in ancient times.

In fact, the transition from pocket watches to wristwatches occurred almost immediately after World War I (1914-1918). Like most technological developments, the popularity of wristwatches began with military needs because time is so important on the battlefield and a watch is unquestionably more convenient than a pocket watch.

However, all traditional changes are bound to meet resistance. When wristwatches first became popular, some people scoffed, believing that using a watch to tell time was "inappropriate," "barbaric," and "stupid" behavior. Seeing this kind of comment today will make people feel like it’s unbelievable, just thinking of Masayuki Hirota's argument that "looking at a mobile phone is like looking at a pocket watch," and those of us who like watches need to defend the idea of continuing to wear watches. Who knows what people a hundred years from now will think about our current debate?

The future is full of uncertainties, maybe it’s unrealistic to talk about people’s opinions a hundred years from now, but when we put the time into the present, such questions have never disappeared: "It’s so uncomfortable to wear a watch; we can now use mobile phones, iPads, and other tools very conveniently to check the time, why do so many people still wear wrist watches?"

If you also have such doubts about wristwatches, after reading this article, maybe you'll change your mind.

Watches Are The Most Convenient Way To Check The Time

In any case, the core function of a watch is to tell time, which is why most people wear watches. People today are highly dependent on time, they can use electronic products such as mobile phones to check the time, but the mobile phone is more of a communication tool than a timing tool. Why do people choose mobile phones rather than watches?

Just imagine what it would be like if your mobile phone was out of battery or if your mobile phone and iPad were locked for some reason for a whole day. You will definitely feel anxious and panic because you don't know the time, but having a watch can help avoid similar problems.

One funny fact is that the average American checks their mobile phone 46 times a day, so don't rely on electronic products, which may be one of the reasons for wearing wrist watches.

Watches Are Functional Tools

We may have learned in novels or movies that watches can be used as tools for survival in the wild. It may not be that exaggerated in reality, but the functionality of the watch cannot be ignored. Now, more and more professional watches are manufactured, such as dive watches, pilot watches, aviation watches, and so on.

For example, divers generally have a fixed time for diving, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to their bodies. You can’t take your precious mobile phone with you while diving, it will definitely ruin it. But you need precise timing, what’s more suitable than a dive watch that can be worn on the wrist?


Watches Are Unique Accessories

Since the time of pocket watches, noblemen have worn pocket watches as a sign of their status. The watch started out as a women's accessory, but men started wearing them after the war. Their style came from how useful they were.

For men, there are few accessories, and watches are undoubtedly the most appropriate because they are also practical. Women also tend to prefer men who wear watches. For women, wearing a watch is more elegant than wearing jewelry. Some women even only like watches but not jewelry, and some women like to wear watches with large dials.

Watches Are A Symbol Of Taste And Status

Some people say that wristwatches are men's second business card, which makes sense. From a small watch, we can infer the wearer's taste, aesthetics, social status, income level, etc. In fact, most successful men choose to wear wristwatches during business negotiations, which can not only improve their self-confidence but also increase the confidence of their negotiating partner. Successful men choose to wear wristwatches during business negotiations, which can not only improve their self-confidence but also increase the confidence of their negotiating partner. This is actually a demonstration of your identity, it is also proof of your economic strength.


A great watch can also be a great conversation starter; the admirer may compliment your watch and inquire about its brand or something related to it. Engaging discussions may ensue, and you may develop a long-term relationship.

Watches Are Valuable Collectibles.

On the one hand, it is the high value of watches as collectibles. Some high-end brands, such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, and others, have a value-added rate of many rare models that is even higher than that of real estate. Many buyers have made a lot of money through their collections over the years.

On the other hand, as a unique carrier, watches, especially some mechanical watches, have inheritance value like some other types of heritage. People give watches various meanings, such as "love." In O. Henry's novel "The Gift of the Magi," the husband sells his watch to buy a comb for his wife, and the wife sells her hair to buy a watch chain for her husband. Maybe the watch is not a famous brand, but it has a unique meaning. For individuals, it is also worth collecting.


So, just as smartphones continue to evolve, so do watches, and new great watches are constantly being produced. If you've probably thought about ditching your watches, after reading this, you now have even more compelling reasons why you should keep up with them.


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