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Easy Ways To Discover The Perfect Watch For You

Watches evolved from a simple timing device to an ornament that reflects identity, temperament, and taste. It is more important for people, especially men. Every man should have a watch that he owns. The first priority is to find a watch that fits you. Furthermore, many well-known watch brands are prohibitively expensive, making it difficult for ordinary people to accept. However, just because something is expensive does not mean it is appropriate. It's a good watch for you if you choose one with good functions and a pleasing appearance within your suitable ability conditions.

Do you get overwhelmed when you go to buy a watch for yourself because there are so many watch brands and styles on the market that you don't know where to begin? Furthermore, many transactions are now conducted over the Internet, and you are not permitted to try them on. It will be inconvenient if you buy a watch on the spur of the moment and discover that it does not fit after wearing it.

So, is there a practical way to quickly determine which watch is best for you? Today, I'll summarize a few helpful and easy methods for quickly determining the perfect watch for you.


Determine the motivation for buying a watch

The first thing to consider when purchasing a watch is your motivation, as this will greatly influence your choice of watch style. Some people buy watches to give the impression that they are punctual, rigorous, and reliable at work. It is best not to choose a style that is too fancy or too casual; some people buy watches to show their identity and status, so as to reduce unnecessary communication costs, they need to choose well-known brands and models; some people simply want to show off or attract attention. The watch style must be cool in this case, but the most important thing is one word: expensive!

People with various motivations and needs will undoubtedly purchase various watches. You can eliminate more than 80% of the watches after determining your own requirements.

Determine the budget

Purchasing a watch must usually be in line with one's own financial strength. In general, the cost of a watch ranges between 1-3 times one's monthly income. For example, if your monthly salary is 20,000 USD, you can select a watch brand priced between 20,000 and 60,000 USD. Of course, if you work in an industry that values appearance and attire, a slightly larger budget is acceptable.

Determine the style

Despite the fact that many watches are quite versatile in terms of style, there are still different watch styles. If the watch is classified by style, it can be classified as a dress watch, dive watch, pilot watch, aviation watch, chronograph, and so on.

1. Dress watches

It is a watch appropriate for more formal and solemn occasions such as dinner parties, business signings, and so on. It has the following characteristics: a thin and light dial, a simple, elegant, and exquisite style, usually with a leather strap.

Wearing a dress watch with casual clothing, such as denim T-shirts, is not recommended. Dresses, tuxedos, business formal wear, and business casual wear are its best partners.

2. Dive watches

It is distinguished by a steel chain strap, a thicker dial, and colorful color matching. It has not only a super waterproof function but also an anti-corrosion strap, luminous indication, and a rotating bezel.

It has one major advantage: it can be worn with business casual, daily casual, or sportswear, as well as very formal gowns and tuxedos. If the dive watch is to be worn with a business suit, the style and color should be simple.

3. Pilot watches & Aviation watches


Its dial diameter is usually larger and more complicated (there are many small circles inside the large circle), there are timing buttons on the outside with the characteristics of accurate time and various functions, and leather straps are usually used.

Aviation and pilot watches are typically appropriate for casual and sportswear, while simpler styles can also be worn with business casual attire. At the same time, because it was inspired by war, it has a strong military style and masculinity, so it is best not to wear it with formal clothing.

4. Sports watches


They are not only durable but also fashionable enough to go with almost any outfit, from casual to daily to sportswear. Furthermore, as long as it is not a complex and dynamic watch style, basic models such as the Nautilus and Royal Oak can be worn with formal attire.

Check the watch’s performance

When you walk into a watch store, you should first check the watch's five basic performance indicators, which are water resistance, quartz, function, movement, and automatic winding. Indeed, if you can master them, you will undoubtedly become a watch expert. However, not everyone who purchases a watch must be an expert. For most watch enthusiasts, the movement must be an important factor in determining the quality of a watch.

A good movement not only ensures the watch's functionality, but the grinding and polishing of the movement makes it a part of a work of art, not to mention that the movement of a super-complex watch is a work of art in and of itself. The ability of a watch brand to develop movements independently is also a reflection of brand value. If there is a best movement, it must be the Swiss movement. ETA's movements, in addition to the self-produced movements of top brands, should be the most widely used, and they perform well in terms of accuracy and durability.

Since the most important thing to buy a watch is the movement, how to judge the quality of the movement?


1. Check its appearance

When purchasing a mechanical watch, you should carefully inspect the bridge of each plywood and transmission part of the movement, as well as the decorative lines, to determine the fineness of its processing and manufacturing. If the movement looks rough, or even distorted, you will be able to tell how well it performs.

2. Test the performance of the movement

With the movement stopped, turn the stem to wind it while inspecting the balance spring system and escapement. Check to see if the balance spring system and the escapement start to run after one to three turns. A good movement can get started in one revolution. If the movement does not start normally, there is a problem with the polarization of the balance spring system in the movement's main drive train.

3. Test the performance of the movement's winding system

If the balance spring and escapement start and function properly, you can continue to wind the movement by turning the stem. At this time, you should focus on the following points:

  • The winding feels comfortable, there should be no strenuous or uneven feeling;  It should be noted that the number of winding turns should not be too many, generally around 20 turns.
  • When listening to the winding, pay attention to whether the sound is well-proportioned;
  • It should be noted that the number of winding turns should be kept to a minimum, usually around 20.

4. Check if there is a problem with the calendar speed dial

Pull out the stem to the second gear, which is the calendar speed dial gear, and you will notice that the gear is clearly in place. Then, quickly dial the calendar ring with the stem, and see if the calendar ring can skip rhythmically under the drive of the speed dial teeth. If you can’t feel a strong sense of rhythm, there's something wrong with the calendar.

5. Check whether there is any error in the needle stopper


Set the stem to the third gear, which is the movement's needle-setting gear. The hour and minute hands are turned by turning the stem. When you turn your hand, notice if it feels easy and smooth. If turning feels tight and laborious, it means the movement's precision is poor. Next, check to see if there is an error when the minute and hour hands overlap at 12 o'clock. If there is an error, it also indicates that the movement's precision is poor. Finally, continue to turn the stem, allowing the minute and hour hands to rotate continuously until 24 hours, and observe whether the calendar ring will jump once to determine whether the calendar mechanism's performance is accurate under actual operation.

6. Check the performance of the automatic gear train of the movement

Allow the automatic gyro to droop naturally before turning the movement vertically. If the automatic gyro rotates freely, the automatic gyro system is adaptable.


Well, I believe that by using the methods described above, you will be able to find a watch that suits you perfectly. Choosing the right watch is crucial, but it may not be as difficult as you think. As master watchmaker Peter Roberts says, there is no such thing as a bad watch because they all perform the same basic function and do it well: tell time.

As the manufacturing standard is unimaginably high, you should buy according to your budget and preferences. At the same time, it is important to remember the two and only two truths in the watch market:

  • If you buy with an investment mindset, there are only two brands that will not be influenced by trends and will not depreciate over time: Patek Philippe and Rolex.
  • If you simply want a watch that you will be satisfied with regardless of the occasion, there is a watch that will not be looked down upon, will not be pointed out by others, can stand appreciation, and will not encounter quality issues. The Rolex's stainless steel "Air-King" , which is like a Zippo lighter or a BMW 3 Series.


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