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3 Tips On Matching Your Watch With Your Outfit

Outfit matching is an art form, and watches are essential to it. Fashion necessitates harmony. As people have more decorative effects on their watches, using all the words to praise a watch is not as important as its suitability.

Watches and clothing have a complementary and mutually beneficial relationship. Choosing a watch that matches your outfit can help to improve your taste and temperament. Does this imply that the more expensive the watch, the better it is? I’m afraid not.

This article will teach you 3 tips on how to match men's watches with their outfit and easily create the right vibe.

Choosing the right watch style for the right occasion

Watches are available in a variety of styles. It can be used on different occasions according to different watch styles in order to reduce common mistakes:

1. Wearing a black or white tie (bow tie)


When attending formal events, the design of the watch dial is kept to a minimum. This occasion calls for a formal watch with a simple dial, a classic style, and a leather strap.

2. Attending formal business events


Suitable for gold or silver watches with clean dials, classic styles, thin shapes, and no complications. If you're wearing a dark, conservatively styled suit, a dress watch is a good choice.

3. General business and leisure occasions


If you're wearing a light-colored suit without a tie, a sports watch or pilot watch with a chronograph function is ideal.

4. Leisure activities


Metal-strap watches are considered less formal, while watches with metal straps are suitable for casual occasions and leather straps are suitable for all occasions. Furthermore, any watch can be worn with denim, a striped shirt, and formal boots. Digital watches can be worn in casual settings as well.

5. Playing sports


A sports watch's strap, case, and dial are all fully protected, so there's no need to worry about the watch being dropped or the glass being smashed.

Match leather clothing and shoes

The material and color of the shoes can be used to guide the strap selection. A black strap should be worn with black leather shoes and a belt, while a brown strap should be worn with brown leather shoes and a belt. Straps in silver or gold can be worn with both black and brown shoes and bags.


Detachable straps can be used to solve the strap-and-shoe matching problem. It is best to prepare a steel belt and a leather belt. Furthermore, the strap does not have to match the shoes' color as long as the tones are similar (light, dark).

The rubber strap is strictly reserved for leisure or sporting events. During exercise, a chronograph watch could be used. Rough, worn leather straps look great with jeans. Of course, this type of watch is not appropriate for official dining occasions.

Metal watch straps should be paired with metal accessories

The metal case (construction around the watch face) of the watch should feel in sync with the rest of the metal accessories on the body. Watch cases come in square, rectangular, round, and polygonal shapes. The appearance of the case can be frosted, shiny, or one-of-a-kind, and some are inlaid with crystals or gems.

Metals used in the case include stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. Because the two colors are so similar, a rose gold-plated watch can be paired with a gold belt buckle. The black metal case that connects the watch can be combined with a gold or silver belt buckle.


Other body accessories should be the same color as the watch and ring if you want to be the center of attention. For example, use gold or silver as the main color. Also, you should keep an eye out for other accessories, such as cufflinks, shoe buttons, adjustable side straps on trousers or vests, and any jewelry on your body. Gold watches look best with earth-toned clothing and shoes, whereas silver watches look best with grey, blue, and black clothing and shoes.

Some errors you must avoid

Here I have to mention that there are some key mistakes to avoid when matching watches. If the above stands for "DO", here are the things for “DON’T.

1. Don’t consider smartwatches to be "watches"

It isn't, it's just an extension of the phone you wear on your wrist, and we haven't seen a smartwatch that’s thin and sleek enough to be considered a true wardrobe accessory. In fact, smartwatches exacerbate the social issues caused by mobile phones (aside from being generally unappealing). Because they are frequently on your wrist, they are a distraction and are more likely to make you appear rude rather than concentrating on your work. If you have to wear it, try not to check it during in-person interactions. Socially, leave it at home because nothing says "I'm not interested in you" like someone checking email in the middle of a conversation at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night.

2. Don’t wear a dress watch in any situation where it may get wet

They are not intended for use in these scenarios. Sailing, sports, diving, and swimming are all activities that necessitate the use of sports or recreational watches, which are almost always water resistant but not dress watches.


3. Don’t wear anything other than a dress watch while wearing a black tie

We all know James Bond wears an Omega dive watch, but he's a spy who can get wet in a tuxedo. Furthermore, the watch brand endorsement deal is pleased that Bond wears their watches on his best days, even if it goes against the rules.

In short: be realistic

There is no one absolute correct way to match your watch to your outfit. The most important thing to remember is practicality. Choose the pairing that you are most comfortable with. Practicality will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

A white dial is preferable if you wear your watch during the day. The black and gray dial makes more sense at night. If you engage in any type of physical activity, replace your wearable watch with a more durable sports watch. Similarly, when putting on your coat and dress shoes, leave the plastic strap at home.


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