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The Dos and Don'ts To Keep Your Beloved Watch In Good Condition

A watch, like any other high-precision instrument, needs to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure that it runs perfectly and continuously. Usually, explaining the content of regular maintenance in a few words is difficult because it depends entirely on the model of the watch, the climate conditions of the watch owner's location, and the maintenance of each watch owner. However, the general period of regular service is usually set every 3 to 5 years, depending on the condition of the watch.

It is worthy of your love and care, whether it is a century-old luxury watch or an entry-level watch. However, before visiting the factory for service, we can usually pay more attention to the following aspects to keep our beloved watch in good condition. As long as these details are followed, subsequent service is simply to extend the watch's good condition, with no need to go to the "repair" step. This is good for both the watch and the owner's wallet.

Today we will take the mechanical watch as the representative to show you how to properly take care of a mechanical watch in your daily life.


Wear it frequently

Because mechanical watches are oiled, wearing them infrequently is harmful to the watch's maintenance. The gears and escapement system inside will not be evenly and properly lubricated if they are not run for an extended period of time. A watch that is not worn all year will generally have a greater error in travel time as the time passes.

Regular service

Generally, avoid exposing the watch to more acidic and alkaline substances (such as using soap when wearing the watch), avoid strong collisions, avoid magnetic fields (such as microphones), and stay away from steam.

Dust does not easily enter the watch mechanism when it has a good seal, and the lubricating oil in the watch does not easily volatilize, disperse, or deteriorate, so it can be serviced once every 4-5 years. If the owner works in a humid or dusty environment, the service should be done every two years. In short, it is necessary to be adaptable according to the watch's travel time. If you find that the watch has been submerged in water, has been affected by moisture, has been magnetized, has fallen and has a large error, or has stopped, it should be cleaned and inspected as soon as possible.


In addition, mechanical watches need to be oiled regularly, you can do oiling service once every two years, so that your beloved watch can be "young forever."

Wind up every day

For mechanical watches that are manually wound, it is best to wind the watch manually for 20 to 30 laps the first time, and then wind it regularly every day after that.

The automatic-winding mechanical watch is primarily dependent on arm movement to wind up automatically (the person is in a state of motion, and the watch is worn for 8 hours, so no additional winding is required). Manual winding is required as a supplement if the winding is insufficient. When the winding is full, a well-designed mechanical watch will have an automatic sliding design to prevent the watch from breaking if the mainspring is too tight. As a result, turning the clockwork for one day is insufficient.


Stay away from magnetic fields

Microwave ovens, electric irons, fax copiers, electric shavers, vacuum cleaners, and even mobile phones and computers are examples of daily-used electrical appliances that will magnetize watches. Isn’t it dreadful? As a result, antimagnetic effects must be considered, especially when in close proximity. You wear a watch to shave your beard at home, use a vacuum cleaner, and some girls have magnetic buckles on their bags, for example. The magnetic fields of these are relatively strong, which will more or less affect the travel time. Furthermore, when typing something on the notebook in your office, it is recommended to remove the watch and set it aside, which will not only reduce the chance of the watch becoming magnetized, but will also make your wrist more comfortable.

But what should you do if the watch is magnetic? It is preferable to degauss at a professional service shop rather than at home. Of course, choosing a watch with super antimagnetic capabilities can help you avoid a slew of issues.


Wake up often even when "hibernating"

If you haven't worn your mechanical watch in a while, remember to wind it at least once a month. Wear an automatic watch at least once a month to ensure that it can be wound by shaking. This can keep internal parts from deteriorating after a long period of inactivity, as well as the oil in the watch from solidifying.

Keep the packing box used to protect your beloved watch when you receive it. These boxes to protect the watch can give the watch the safest protection when it is not normally worn, and prevent the watch from being broken or bumped, so keeping the box is absolutely necessary. It is also recommended that when the watch is not worn daily, you keep the habit of placing it in the box, which can greatly reduce the risk of damage to the watch.


Avoid strenuous exercise

A mechanical watch is very afraid of collision because it contains many gears and precision parts. If you are going to participate in strenuous sports such as basketball, football, golf, tennis, and so on, avoid wearing an automatic mechanical watch to avoid damaging the movement. Don't be afraid to wear it to other elegant gatherings; watches are a form of social interaction.

Waterproof ‚Ȇ you can enjoy playing with water

When referring to the waterproofness of a watch, it means that it is waterproof up to three atmospheric pressures and will not seep water when placed statically at a water depth of 30 meters. Waterproof 30 meters refers to dailyl life waterproofing, such as water droplets touched when washing hands or raindrops; waterproof 50 meters is roughly the same as 30 meters; watches waterproof 100 meters can be worn for car washing and showering; 300 meters waterproof can be used for shallow swimming activities; waterproof 500 meters means you can dive about 200 to 500 meters while wearing it.

If you are a swimming enthusiast, you can wear a waterproof watch while swimming and then wash it with clean water afterward. To be safe, you should change the waterproof function so that it only needs to be checked and serviced once a year.


It should be noted that any mechanical watch that advertises waterproof, magnetic resistance, and shock resistance is afraid of taking a hot bath, washing the car, washing dishes, or soaking in hot springs. High temperatures, hot water, soapy water, and chemical lotion, among other things, will age and deform the waterproof gasket or condense water mist inside the watch, resulting in long-term damage. So it is necessary to avoid wearing the watch in some extreme environments, or to limit wearing the watch in the case of a large temperature change, typically above 60¬įC or below 0¬įC, which may cause damage to the watch's internal structure. Also, avoid pulling the crown in water, as this will cause water to seep directly into the watch.


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